Infogin Launches Feature Phone Browser

Mobile browser firm InfoGin has released a “high capacity” mobile browsing solution that it says enables operators to significantly increase their revenues from traffic on feature phones.

The solution comes with mobile content adaptation capabilities and traffic optimization to help operators overcome bandwidth congestion caused by the ever-increasing rise in mobile data consumption, and provide users with a faster browsing experience. It significantly reduces operators’ CAPEX and OPEX, says InfoGin, adding that the latest deployments have indicated a reduction of up to 80 per cent, with low floor-space.

Based on InfoGin’s award-winning Intelligent Mobile Platform (IMP), the solution enables branded header and footer insertion, allowing mobile users to enjoy a more effective navigation experience, while at the same time offering operators new channels to promote their branding and services. To further support operators’ marketing efforts, it allows for advertising insertions, based on the operator’s pre-determined location and format.

InfoGin’s browser, snappily named the Content Adaptation Standard, enables subscribers to view web content on more than 13,500 devices, by adapting the web page to the features and capabilities of the device in question. It is part of InfoGin’s Web Enabling Package that also includes the Content Adaptation Premium Version, which automatically adapts rich web content to any mobile device, and also offers editing and development; multimedia management; traffic acceleration and optimization; and personalization and marketing capabilities – all based on InfoGin’s IMP.