InfoGin Opens Up the Web in Austria

InfoGin, which specializes in web-to-mobile content adaptation solutions, has announced a successful launch with mobilkom austria. The deployment enables mobilkom austria to provide full mobile Internet services based on InfoGins Intelligent Mobile Platform (IMP) via Vodafone live!
For the first time, subscribers in Austria are able to surf any website they desire on any WAP-capable mobile device. Users can access web pages via an A1 Internet browser link from a co-branded mobilekom/live! mobile portal homepage. Any websites they choose to visit are adapted for display on the handset by the IMP platform. The service includes a start page which provides direct access to web search, address field, browsing tips, personal history and favourites folders.
With the A1 Internet Browser, mobilkom austria for the first time allows all A1 customers to surf the Internet with just about any mobile phone, says Dr. Hannes Ametsreiter, Director of Marketing, Distribution and Customer Services for mobilkom austria and Marketing Director, Customer Services, at Telekom Austria. Thanks to this innovation, offered only by A1, all customers can access their favorite sites directly on their WAP-capable mobile phone with a single click.”
The service is powered by a server-farm operated by InfoGin based in Western Europe. With the introduction of InfoGins technology through hosted services, InfoGin says its customers can offer their subscribers access to the entire Internet almost immediately, without having to engage in long and complex deployments and upgrades. InfoGin says it plans to announce similar agreements with top-tier operators in Europe in the near future.
InfoGins IMP is a server-based middleware platform that supports all mobile browsers, languages and advanced web page features. The service will be promoted on mobilkom austrias Vodafone live! home page, with customisation and personalisation to mobilkom austrias user interface, including headers, footers, access links, error messages, history and favourites.