Infographic: 20 per cent of iOS 10 Users Opting Out of Ad Tracking

20 per cent of iOS 10 users in the US, representing around 18m people, have taken advantage of the operating systems stronger Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) settings to explicitly opt out of targeted advertising

A new report by Adjust has revealed that this figure has risen steadily since the September release of the latest version of iOS, and other nations are seeing similar levels of opting out, with 16.5 per cent in the UK, 14.4 per cent in Canada and 13.6 per cent in Japan.

The technology could force marketers to rethink how they structure campaigns, as they will be faced with an increasing section of consumers who cannot be targeted using traditional methods.

“This is trending in a direction where its not just the tech-savvy, ad-allergic crowd any more,” said Paul H Müller, co-founder and chief technology officer of Adjust. “Marketers will face a large, distributed and worst of all unknown segment of users, especially in places like Germany and the US.”

The infographic below by Adjust explores where LAT is having the most impact, and what marketers can do to redress the balance and retain the ability to target users.

Limit-Ad-Tracking Infographic