Infographic: Interstitial and MPU in-app formats effective in driving traffic

Tyrone Stewart

Both in-app interstitial and mid page unit (MPU) formats are efficient in driving consumers toward a brand’s store or website.

According research involving 446 participants, from mobile programmatic platform S4M and research company IPSOS, 49 per cent of respondents exposed to a MPU or interstitial format said the ad contributed to a positive impression of the brand – while 35 per cent expressed an intention to visit the brand’s store or website.

“The interstitial format with full screen visibility can be perceived as intrusive for the end-users. For advertisers, it is instrumental for boosting brand recall and much more effective than an in-read format like the MPU,” said Christophe Collet, CEO of S4M. “At the same time, the study found that the MPU format contributes to a more positive brand opinion from mobile consumers. These findings are very insightful for advertisers, their challenge now is to decide between leaving a lasting impression or maintain a positive brand opinion.”

The infographic below takes a closer look at these findings, recall rates, and more.

S4M in-app ads infographic

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