InGamePlay raises breast cancer awareness in young male gamers

AdInMo, the InGamePlay brand advertising platform, has published the results of a mobile in-game advertising campaign by UK cancer charity, Walk the Walk aimed at reaching new and younger audiences as well as raising awareness of male breast cancer.

The UK campaign featured two InGamePlay creatives, one promoting the charity’s annual MoonWalk event and an educational message ‘Men Get Breast Cancer Too’ and demonstrated an overall uplift of 8 per cent in awareness among 18 – 34 year-olds.

Results show that 58 per cent of the total audience took or intend to take some sort of action after seeing the ads placed directly within the gameplay of popular mobile games. The campaign also achieved a 12 per cent uplift in intent to donate to the charity, nearly 12 points higher than the industry benchmark; jumping to 24 per cent among men.

The InGamePlay ads were on average seen for four to five minutes per Daily Active User.

The immersive cross-genre campaign delivered over 300,000 brand interaction minutes and the top-performing genres included action and simulation games. Ads are served programmatically into mobile games without interrupting the gameplay creating a more engaging experience for players.

To understand the impact of this new media channel, AdInMo carried out a brand effectiveness study with research partner On Device Research. The campaign performed above industry digital advertising benchmarks and particularly excelled at ‘bottom end of the funnel’ goals. For example, nearly a third (29 per cent) of players studied said they would search for more information on breast cancer or the charity as a result of the campaign.

“The fantastic results of Walk the Walk’s recent campaign highlight the effectiveness of InGamePlay brand advertising to connect with hard-to-reach Gen-Z and millennial audiences,” said CEO of AdInMo, Kristan Rivers. “The fact our ads which are placed in the actual gameplay, for example on billboards or screens, do not interrupt gameplay like other mobile advertising formats means engagement and impact is much higher as the results of the brand effectiveness study with On Device Research clearly demonstrate. Serving brand campaigns programmatically in-game is not about measuring clicks but is a much-needed evolution of mobile advertising and InGamePlay offers a more sophisticated media channel that enables contextual targeting, engagement, and measurement of diverse mobile game players audiences in a way that respects the gaming environment.”