InMobi and Ansca to Hold Corona SDK Hackathon

Andy Penfold

Mobile ad network InMobi and its new partner Ansca Mobile have announced a Corona SDK Hackathon event. 

The challenge isn't to do with hacking as such - it's a challenge to create the best app and game built on the Corona SDK platform in the time allowed - 8:30am-9pm on August 27. The event will take place in San Francisco. 

The event follows the announcement that Ansca Mobile and InMobi have partnered in the creation of Corona's new LaunchPad - a suite of services that help developers market and monestise their apps. 

Gregory Kennedy, director of global marketing for InMobi, says: "An increasing number of top mobile apps are being built on Corona SDK because it allows for multi-platform development. Our goal with the hackathon is to showcase Corona SDK's amazing functionality and give back to the developer community. As the market develops, more apps are ad-supported, and InMobi provides key services that enable the developer community to monetise their cross-platform offerings."  

Walter Luh, co-founder and CEO of Ansca Mobile says: "We're excited to see what app developers come up with at the Hackathon. That InMobi's ad network can provide an added value to our users and make our platform more attractive means even greater success - both for our clients and for ourselves."

For more information and to register for the hackathon, head to the Corona SDK website