InMobi and Cooliris Launch 3D Ads for the iPad

Mobile ad network InMobi has teamed up with Cooliris, best described as a firm that does cool stuff online and on mobile, to bring 3D ads to the iPad. Bang & Olufsen is the first advertiser to deploy the ads.

The Cooliris-InMobi solution aims to make the ads engaging. Banners can be made immersive and eye-catching, even without making 3D content using accelerometer-driven parallax. The solution also enables advertisers to add 3D effects including lighting, shading, and motion to make their ads truly rich and interactive.

“This global 3D advertising partnership is an example of the powerful, flexible nature of our mobile technology platform,” says Sridhar Ranganathan, vice president, product management, at InMobi. “I am excited well now be able to offer our customers true immersive 3D creative, in a scaled, integrated manner.”
Cooliris CEO and co-founder, Soujanya Bhumkar, says that today’s banner and full screen advertising does not fully leverage the power of the iOS platform to create engaging, interactive experiences, adding that with the launch of 3D ads, “advertisers can now regard the ad unit as a full brand experience rather than a sizing constraint on messaging. This partnership gives users a new experience that makes brand ads engaging and memorable.”

You can see examples of the ads here.