InMobi Android Impressions Soar

European mobile ad impressions have grown 46 per cent in 90 days on the InMobi ad network, according to the company. 

InMobi says it now serves nearly 15.5bn impressions per quarter in Europe. The findings were reported in InMobis Mobile Insight Report: European Edition, which was published today. 

The report also documents the rise of Android on the InMobi network. While the Apple iPhone 4 remains the top device in Europe with  a 7.2 per cent share, Android now represents 33 per cent of ad impressions, compared to iOSs 14.9 per cent. 

Androids success is supported by Android devices such as the Samsung GT-i9000 (which has a 4.9 per cent share in the market for handsets), and the HTC Desire S (3.1 per cent).

Android has captured nearly eight share points in the last 90 days, whereas Apple has lost share. On a global basis, Android becomes the number one OS for the first time in Q3 2011, surpassing Nokia OS.

James Lamberti, VP global research and marketing at InMobi, says: “Consumers have truly embraced mobile and weve seen a tremendous spike in mobile usage over the last quarter. The significant growth trend that we have measured quarter-on-quarter hasnt slowed down, highlighting the need to implement effective mobile advertising campaigns, especially in the run up to Christmas.”

Surag Patel, director of global Research at InMobi, says: “Androids OS growth will face increased competition following Apples rollout of iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S this month. However, the numbers certainly indicate that Androids lead will be tough to catch on a global scale, even if Apple makes gains in Europe.”

Lamberti and Patel will host a webinar on Tuesday, 25 October, at 5pm BST presenting the global findings of the recent report and answering questions on market implications. To register as a participant, go to the InMobi registration page.

InMobis Mobile Insight Report: European Edition can be downloaded for free at the InMobi website