InMobi launches programmatic exchange in APAC

Tyrone Stewart

InMobi ExchangeInMobi, a mobile marketing and advertising platform provider, has launched its programmatic exchange in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region with a reach of 800m mobile devices.

On the exchange, InMobi promises over 90 per cent viewability, 0.3 per cent invalid traffic (IVT), and two times higher audience verification scores than the industry average.

“In Asia-Pacific, the growth of programmatic hinges on three important pillars – in-app, mobile video with the overarching requirement of trust & transparency. The InMobi Exchange delivers on all three fronts,” said Abhay Singhal, co-founder and president of Advertising Cloud at InMobi. “Our commitment to mobile programmatic since 2012 has paid off significantly. As frontrunners in this space focused exclusively on the in-app business over the last decade, we are able to leverage our expertise in complex campaign delivery.  Also, our extensive network of data accounts for 1.6bn users, half of which resides in the APAC region. This launch will accelerate our growth exponentially enabling us to capture 10-15 per cent of the programmatic market by 2020.”