InMobi Goes Native

Native Ads Inmobi
A mocked-up app showing the native ad unit, encouraging users to download the Deer Hunter app

InMobi has launched a Native Ads platform that it says will allow app developers and mobile publishers to deliver an engaging, in-context, native ad experience to their end users, with minimal development effort. Native ads are mobile ad units that are adapted to an app’s look and feel, and look less like ads than traditional banner ads. They are typically identified by an accompanying phrase such as: “presented by” or “in partnership with” and have been popularized principally by Facebook and Twitter.

InMobi says its platform simplifies the process of delivering native ads across multiple, discrete publishers by adapting a base set of creative assets like the logo, tagline and call-to-action, in real time. The platform is built on top of the InMobi ad network, enabling app publishers to tap into a wide range of global ad campaigns from thousands of advertisers on InMobi’s network.

The two examples InMobi gives of where a native ad unit could be deployed relate to one news app and one messaging app. Whether native ads would work in apps without news or messaging content is a moot point. We asked InMobi how many such apps it has in its network, but we have not yet had a response.

“Our mission is to consistently innovate and deliver engaging and non-intrusive ads to end users that do not compromise the app’s user experience,” said Pankaj Bengani, vice president, global strategic partnerships at InMobi. “This new platform helps us deliver unparalleled value to app publishers through our relationships with top brands. Additionally, with over 700m monthly active users on our network and our big data technology capabilities, we can deliver rich native-user experiences that drive greater engagement and revenues for our partners.”