InMobi Impressions Grow 53 Per Cent in 90 Days

Mobile ad network InMobi has released its Mobile Insights Report for 2011 Q3 – and reported that its ad impressions in Europe have grown 53 per cent in 90 days. 

The company says it now serves around 21.9bn ad impressions per quarter in the region. 

The report says that the top three handsets are unchanged in the last three months – Apples iPhone 4 has a 7 per cent share, while Samsungs GT-i9000 is in second with 4 per cent and HTCs Desire S has 3 per cent. 

Android remains the top operating system, and has achieved a further 6 per cent boost in the quarter, while Apples iOS share grew slightly 14.2 per cent to 14.7 per cent. Nokias OS lost a 3 per cent share. 

James Lamberti, VP global research and marketing, InMobi, says: “Weve seen mobile usage continue to grow throughout the year and, with smartphone impressions almost doubling in the last three months, there is now a clear opportunity for advertisers. Consumers are more willing than ever to engage with mobile as a channel, and are now embracing the technology that will allow brands to engage with them using innovative and creative rich media campaigns.”

You can download the full report here