InMobi Launches 3D iPad Ad for Samsung

Mobile ad network InMobi and its technology partner Cooliris have rolled out what they claim is the world’s first mobile 3D ad campaign. Created by full-service agency Starcom, the campaign, for the Samsung Galaxy S II mobile phone, will run in 3D on the iPad in the UK, delivered across InMobi’s network.

Built using Cooliris’s award-winning 3D technology, the ad uses innovative lighting, shading, parallax and motion effects to create what InMobi describes as “a truly immersive, interactive and memorable experience for the user”.  

“As mobile technology continues to facilitate richer advertising experiences, we feel it’s important to explore this exciting new avenue as a solution for our clients,” says Milton Elias, head of mobile at Starcom Mediavest Group. “Cooliris’s 3D media ads take mobile/tablet ads to a new level of interactivity and consumer engagement that will play a part in defining the future of mobile advertising.”

You can see the ad here.