InMobi Launches AppGalleries and Custom Ads

InMobi has created an app store-style ad unit for publishers to use on the mobile web or in-app to drive third-party app downloads.

The AppGaleries unit can be fully branded, quickly customised and populated based on content already on the site. The company says these ads, currently available in a full-screen, interstitial or standalone format, have already produced an eCPM of $12 and 600 per cent growth in app installs.

InMobi has also launched Custom Ads, templates enabling app developers to customise the look of their ad using a range of frames, animations and layers, with designs based on different app verticals. The company has seen a 50 per cent increase in CTR for companies using these, as opposed to static ads.

App insights

InMobi recently released its first App Insight Report based on trends across its network in Q2. India is currently the least expensive market for app downloads, compared to the US, with the UK the most expensive. The US, India, China, Japan and Indonesia account for 60 per cent of all downloads worldwide, the analysis found.

The cost-per-download for travel and financial services apps are currently the highest- more than 40 times that seen for games – while sports apps have the lowest CPD. The company has found that interstitial ads work best for app promotion campaigns, delivering up to 25 per cent higher CTR and 10 per cent more conversions.