InMobi Launches Lifetime Value Platform

InMobi has launched the Lifetime Value Platform (LTVP) in beta, which it says will help premium publishers and developers to create long-term engagement with their users.

LTVP identifies app user groups based on usage, engagement, in-app purchasing and other behaviours seen in the app. App publishers can then modify their approach without having to resubmit the app for approval.

This could include delivering in-app messages or targeted actions, including selling virtual goods, displaying customised ads, rewarding power users or cross promoting other apps.

“Successful app publishers understand that real value is achieved through user engagement and loyalty,” said Chandrashekhar Vattikuti, VP of Product Management at InMobi. “We noticed a need for a platform that helps app developers and premium publishers gain detailed insights into user behaviour, and deliver targeted actions in real-time.”

“Early feedback has been very positive and we’re seeing that there are very clear benefits to the app developer and premium publisher community.”

InMobi LTVP is free to use and supports iOS and Android apps, with Windows 8 in development. The company will introduce the platform in a webinar on Thursday 29 November at 10am PST. Sign up here.