InMobi Launches Mobile Games Monetisation Solution

Playable AdScreen ShotMobile ad network InMobi has launched its new monetisation solution for mobile games, which includes a playable ad format.

These interactive ads, developed in partnership with app virtualisation firm Voxel, last 20-40 seconds and enable users to try out a limited version of the game for themselves. InMobi reports that this format delivers 275 per cent better performance than traditional ad units.

The solution also offers interstitial, video and rewarded ads, along with a unified analytics platform and creative consulting services.

To back the launch of this solution, InMobi has also created a $25m (£15m) fund for indie game developers, which will be used to provide advisory services to developers who enroll throughout 2014.

“InMobi is focused on enabling indie developers scale globally. With a dedicated program like InMobi Monetisation Solution for Games we are reiterating our commitment to this community,” said Piyush Shah, VP of products at InMobi. “We expect this program will help us partner with some of the most innovative minds in the gaming world to further push the envelope on their ad experiences.”