InMobi Motorcycle Ads Drive Footfall

For the launch of its FZ-16 bike, motorcycle maker Yamaha wanted to raise interest and awareness among the youth population.

In partnership with InMobi, Yamaha ran an ad campaign which targeted mobile users on community and social networking mobile sites. The ads featured a call to action for users to click through to videos showing the TV commercial for the bike, plus video interviews with people who had tried out the bike, offering their opinion about its performance. The TV commercial and user review videos both featured a call to action inviting people to find out where Yamaha Motorcycles’ retail outlets were
located. Those who clicked on the ads could also download free mobile wallpapers for their phone, showing the bike in action.

The campaign was a hit. The clickthrough rate averaged out at 1.6 per cent, with spikes of up to 6.6 per cent on some days. 10 per cent of people who clicked on the ad watched the review video, 6 per cent watched the TV commercial, and 7 per cent of all people who clicked on the ad requested the details of the store locations, showing the power of mobile advertising to drive retail footfall.