InMobi Moves Into Profit

InMobi has revealed that it is now serving 7.5 billion monthly mobile ad impressions and says it has become the first profitable independent global mobile ad network. InMobi says its growth has followed a different path than most advertising companies, as it began in India but has now expanded worldwide to 30 countries.
Asia enjoys the highest number of ad impressions for InMobi, with 4,950 million impressions each month. InMobi says that this is the highest number of ad impressions for any network in the region.  
Africa is responsible for 900 million monthly impressions, while impressions in S. America have grown by 1306% in the last six months. InMobi launched in Europe in August 2009, but already, the company says, it is the number two network in the region, with 850 million monthly impressions.
Achieving this milestone is exciting for us not only due to the success of InMobi, but also because it reiterates our belief that mobile advertising is finally coming of age, says InMobi CEO, Naveen Tewari. This further renews our determination to help the medium flourish all over the globe. I believe that our expansion strategy of growing in the east and then moving to the west has worked really well for us, as the east has a large population for whom the mobile is the first screen. This has shown that all parts of the world are waking up to the potential of mobile as an advertising channel. We intend to accelerate this cognizance and also help the players leverage the capabilities of the medium.