InMobi Spreads Marmalade Onto its Network

Marmalade has partnered with mobile ad network InMobi, to bring apps created using on the Marmalade app development platform to InMobis network. 

The partnership makes InMobis latest module available to Marmalade developers, enabling them to monetise their apps through in-app advertising which uses InMobis UDID-independent SDK 350.

“This partnership comes at a very exciting time,” says Limvirak Chea, business development director, EMEA, at InMobi. “Annual mobile app downloads are set to increase to almost 183bn billion by 2015, and we believe Marmalade’s technology will be at the forefront of this Cambrian explosion. Through this partnership, Marmalade developers will be able to increase revenue from their apps by leveraging our global mobile advertising network.”

The Marmalade platform enables developers to compile a single codebase to native CPU instructions, then deploy apps across iOS, Android, and BlackBerry, as well as other platforms, including selected smart TVs.