InMobi Stats Reveal Middle East Mobile Ad growth

Mobile ad network InMobi has released its latest network research report, which offers a snapshot of mobile advertising trends in the Middle East between July 2010 and October 2010.

The report reveals that mobile ad impressions in the region grew 51 per cent in just 90 days to 752m monthly impressions. Smartphone affinity is apparent, with smartphones representing 40 per cent of total impressions, 45 per cent higher than the global average. Nokia devices still represent two of every three impressions in the Middle Eastern mobile market. Driven by InMobis World Developer Fund promotion and key countries where the iPhone is readily available, the Apple iPhone gained 18 share points in just 90 days.

“Middle East mobile ad growth continues to pace with the global insurgence of mobile,” says James Lamberti, VP of global research & marketing at InMobi. “With the current growth trends, this market will break the 1bn monthly impression level in just a few months. The region represents a very interesting ecosystem, with a young, mobile-dedicated population driving mobile media consumption, and an emerging developer community eyeing globalization.”

Rob Jonas, InMobi’s VP, managing director Europe & Middle East, adds that, withb over 750m monthly impressions available, there is significant opportunity for advertisers to exploit the value of mobile advertising as a must-buy complement to offline media plans. “Marketers can now reach consumers at scale with an engaging brand experience in this new mobile channel,” says Jonas.

A full download of the data and analysis is available here.