InMobi Unveils Made-for-mobile Video Ad Formats

Inmobi video adsInMobi has unveiled a suite of video ad formats which it says are designed to create an interactive and immersive ad experience for consumers.

The company says that rather than retrofitting traditional videos intended for the TV to the mobile, its video ad offerings combine the mobiles ability to play video with its interactivity, proximity to the user, and the ability to identify the user’s current context.

InMobi claims that app developers across categories such as gaming, music, media and entertainment, who are participating in a pilot program to drive app downloads have seen increases of up to 200 per cent in non-incentivized app install rates.

While InMobi’s will continue to offer traditional video ad formats such as pre-rolls, videostitials, full-screen video interstitials and click-to-video banners, its new suite includes three key offerings, including Interactive Canvas, where interactive content is overlaid on the display canvas. This allows the advertiser to enhance the video ad by introducing clickable call-to-action windows. For example, consumers can click on a pair of shoes in a video ad once a ‘hot spot’ appears.

Video SmartAds deliver contextually relevant ads based on external feeds such as location, weather and live data such as stock market feeds. For example, hot weather conditions might trigger a video ad for a chilled summer drink.

Video Continuum identifies and re-targets consumers by playing ads from a preset video series. A similar frame, background or trigger is used to across the series of ads, keeping the videos familiar and making it clear they are part of a sequence. One example of this could be a series of ads for a detergent showing the different types of stains it can remove.

InMobi says it will also use customized questions or triggers that appear during the video ad, in order to deliver more relevant retargeting.