InMobi: “Weve out-thought and out-executed AdMob”

InMobi, the independent mobile ad network, says it has grown massively in the US and Europe, and retained its leadership position in SE Asia, Africa and other emerging markets. 54 per cent of ad requests in InMobi’s network currently come from Asia, 18 per cent from N. America, and 11 per cent from Africa. In December 2010, there were 3.64bn ad requests in InMobi’s network from N. America, compared to just 472m in December 2009. The number of ad requests coming from Europe grew from 431m in December 2009, to 2.73bn in December 2010.

The findings are contained in newly-released data detailing exactly where global traffic on the InMobi network is coming from, in comparison to its larger competitor, Google-owned Admob. InMobi has taken data released by AdMob last week relating to its network size, growth and composition across the world, and dissected it in order to conduct a comparison of the InMobi and AdMob networks.

“This data release cements our position as the largest independent mobile ad network, and demonstrates our ability to thrive in a market dominated by a fierce competitor,” says James Lamberti, InMobi’s VP of marketing and research. InMobi is now nearly half the size of Admob globally, has more inventory in many regions, and is growing in places where Admob dominates.”

Lamberti adds that InMobi has got to where it is today in significantly less time and with less funding. “Admob closed over $45m and has been building its network for more than five years,” says Lamberti. “In addition, they now have the full support on the Google machine behind them. InMobi on the other hand, has been at this for four years. We have closed only $15m in funding and are 100 per cent independent. Our success clearly demonstrates our ability to out-think, out-strategize and most importantly out-execute one the best companies to ever emerge out of silicon valley.”

You can read more on the comparison between InMobi and AdMob on InMobi’s blog.