InMobi World Developer Fund Generates 3bn In-app Ads

Mobile ad network InMobi has announced the results of its $2m (£1.2m) World Developer Fund. The fund, which lasted just over six months, served a total of more than 3bn mobile ads, all through independent mobile developers’ apps using InMobi’s Global SDK.

The launch of the Word Developer Fund coincided with InMobi’s US launch last summer. The fund was designed to meet the needs of independent app developers looking to experiment with mobile advertising with InMobi as way to monetise their apps.

Results include:

  • Over 3bn ads were served within mobile apps during the program
  • An average $1 eCPM via in-app mobile advertising
  • 40 per cent of ads served in the US market, the remaining 60 per cent in Europe and Asia
  • 25 per cent contribution to InMobi smartphone performance in December 2010
  • Helped drive an increase of 1.8bn iOS and Android smartphone app impressions monthly on the InMobi network

“InMobi’s World Developer Fund was a great opportunity for us to experiment with InMobi’s global network,” says Tamas Kozac, CEO of Invictus Games. “We had monetised some of our mobile apps with ads before, but the WDF gave us access to the InMobi network and better monetisation in more countries. It really worked out well for us; our iPhone game Froggy Jump saw eCPMs as high as $5.99 in some markets.”

James Lamberti, VP, marketing and research for InMobi, says the results provide a clear indication of the global opportunity in mobile. “While 40 per cent of the impressions were served in the US, the majority went into Europe and Asia,” says Lamberti. “Helping developers capitalise on this global opportunity is what our World Developer Fund was really all about. We will continue to invest in the global developer community in 2011.”

There’s more analysis on the impact of the World Developer Fund here.