Innometrics Adds Mobile Functionality to Profile Cloud

Walker: ““With this release we are aiming to provide marketers with the tools they need to make personalisation simple”

Innometrics has upgraded its Profile Cloud customer data management platform, with improvements focused on mobile and beacon technology. Profile Cloud dynamically combines different sources of customer activity, existing in-house customer data and online behaviour into one central place.

Profile Cloud now offers beacon support, which means that users can tie up information from beacons with customer data already held in-house to deliver a more detailed view of the customer that can be provided in real-time to a company’s existing marketing technology to be actioned.”

The second improvement is support for in-app behavioural tracking, enabling brands to provide personalised offers to their customers. Profile Cloud treats the data from the app and the often separate analytics as another datafeed to bring in to the customer profiling solution. Once the customer profile is completed with the data from the app and the other silos, the profiled data can be actioned in real-time to provide personalised offers. ~

As Profile Cloud is platform agnostic, brands can use their current email, SMS and other marketing solutions to deliver the offers. Profile Cloud currently includes over 350 integrations with existing applications for sales, marketing and customer service such as email, analytics, SMS and CMS platforms, CRM systems and open data such as weather data.

“With this release we are aiming to provide both marketers with the tools they need to make personalisation simple but also to enable the IT department to quickly and easily integrate customer profile data into their existing systems. For many years companies have been striving for a Single Customer View. We believe with Profile Cloud, we are much closer to that ideal,” said Innometrics EMEA director, Andy Walker.