Innovation Lab: Startup Showcase Special

At Mobile Marketing were proud to help tech companies demonstrate their cutting-edge solutions; the Startup Showcase at our Mobile Marketing Summits gives a platform to those companies, and brings audiences one step closer to ideas and developments that are breaking new ground in the market.

Yesterdays Mobile Marketing Retail Summit saw four innovative companies with exciting solutions to some of retails trickiest problems present as part of our Startup Showcase, demonstrating some cutting edge ideas that are poised to transform the market.


Pulsate was voted as the most promising startup on the day by our attending delegates. It offers an end-to-end context marketing platform for mobile that drives new revenue for retailers by changing the way they interact with customers both inside their apps and within bricks and mortar outlets.

The platform is easily integrated with new or existing apps and provides live audience segmentation alongside an intuitive campaign-builder to deliver engaging customer experiences. Pulsate brings together a hybrid of data sources together within its platform, combining in-app behaviours, geofences and even somatic data like a users heartrate or bloodpressure to trigger content delivery at the right place and time.

“When it comes to delivering relevant marketing, beacons are the cherry on top of a rich, contextual stack,” said Patrick Leddy, emphasising the need to combine data from a wide variety of sources to build a true picture of customer intent.


“Bluetooth low energy has the potential to be Spam 2.0. We said, lets come up with a tool, an SDK, that enables your apps to have intelligence in how they deliver messages to you,” said Dave Matthews, founder and CEO of NewAer, which came out of Unilevers successful global startup program, Unilever Foundry.

NewAer has developed a mobile software client that enables any connected device to be treated in the same manner as a beacon, and pass peer-to-peer messaging within the network that it creates. The developer-focused SDK ProxPlatform is a core client and server-side technology enabling mobile app developers to add presence events within third party applications.

Among the examples of NewAers capabilities that Matthews presented included a system using a cars Bluetooth capability to drop a pin on a map every time the engine is switched off and a proximity enabled airport sign for American Airlines that reacts to the presence of loyalty scheme members.


Gleam is a mobile fashion discovery and intelligence platform, combining an analytic offering enabling brands to gain real-time insights into fashion trends with its own distribution channel, the Gleam app which offers inspiration and shopping capabilities to more than 350,000 users in 10 geo-located streams.

The app enables users to shop from over 700 global and local fashion sources, with a focus on Latin America, where the company is based. By analysing more than 100,000 datapoints generated by the app daily, Gleam offers the $1.5 trillion fashion industry with unique insights into how consumers are reacting to its products.

“Our vision is to change the way the fashion industry interacts with data,” said Andreia Campos, CEO and co-founder of Gleam. “Fashion retailers are still relying on older methods to monitor in-store trends, and many style apps dont cater to emerging markets in the same way we can.”


“The Holy Grail for marketers is getting access to the online data and tying it to the offline data,” said Robert Hedberg, CEO of Glimr, explaining the thinking behind the companys use of beacons.

Glimr enables retail brands to reimagine their customers’ journey both in-store and online, working in tandem with beacons to ping a customer’s phone when they are near a store or product.

Hedberg showcased the technologys potential by focusing on a campaign that Glimr had run for Knorr in Sweden, partnering with a newspaper app that 50 per cent of consumers in Sweden have to gather data on customers buying soup, then retargeting them with a coupon the next time they opened the app.