Insert Offers In-App Landing Pages for Boosted Conversion

  • Tuesday, September 27th, 2016
  • Author: Tim Maytom
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unnamedIn-app marketing platform Insert has launched a new offering for users that creates landing pages within mobile apps, aimed at increasing conversions off the back of push notifications, social media posts and other digital marketing materials.

Web landing pages are a marketing mainstay, with a 2014 study revealing that 48 per cent of companies create a new landing page for each marketing campaign they run. However, options for apps are a lot more limited, with deeplinking within apps requiring coding by developers to already exist within an app.

Inserts new option enables app owners and marketers to easily create customised landing pages within their app while also having the agility to build marketing campaigns on-the-fly without the need for an app update.

Once set up, push notifications, ads, emails or social media posts can all lead to a specific landing page within an app with a specific call to action, rather than just the apps homepage. Marketers can even target specific segments with personalised landing pages or use push notifications to bring people back to an abandoned transaction.

“Landing pages should be as standard in apps as they are on the web,” said Shahar Kaminitz, founder and CEO of Insert. “Ever since Microsoft initiated the first landing pages in 2003, they have proven themselves to be a very effective way of increasing conversions.

“We expect to transfer the success that landing pages have had on the web to the in-app market, allowing our clients to see a significant increase in their results.”