Inspirapps Launches polltogo

Canadian start-up Inspirapps has launched polltogo, a web and mobile app that enables users to conduct short mobile polls and receive instant feedback using their mobile phone, tablet, or any connected device.

Users can create polls in advance or live using a simple interface. Simply enter a question (e.g., “How would you rate this presentation?”); choose the poll type (multiple choice, yes/no, rating, textual feedback); set the duration (from 1 minute to no limit); and offer a few options (result presentation, allow comments, privacy, etc.).

Once the poll has been created, it can be shared via a unique QR code that takes users to the poll site; or via a short URL that voters can type into any web browser on their phone, tablet or PC.

The results of each poll can be viewed on a web page or shown live to an audience that just voted. They can also be viewed directly by each voter on their device, if the poll initiator has selected that option.

polltogo is free for voters and also free for poll creators designing surveys with up to 20 votes (typically the length of most personal-interest polls).  Professional users, who generally need to receive more than 20 votes per poll, can buy credits (one credit equals one vote) at the rate of 200 votes for 99 cents.