Instagram Reels tops TikTok and Facebook for branded video content, report reveals

Branded video content on Instagram Reels has outperformed TikTok and Facebook in generating massive results for advertisers, a new report has revealed.

According to customer engagement platform, Emplifi, Instagram Reels (over 90 seconds) generated more than double the number of median video views compared to TikTok videos.

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Reels also became the top-performing content type on the Meta-owned social media platform, delivering six times the reach of Instagram Stories, the research revealed.

However, brands continue to consistently post more Stories than Reels, this comes as between May and October 2023, the number of Instagram Stories posted by global brands was five times higher compared to the number of Reels.

Emplifi CMO Zarnaz Arlia said: “One of the most interesting findings from our research is the shift we’ve witnessed in Instagram Reels video lengths, with longer run-times winning more engagement for brands compared to short-form video.

“This represents a change in user behaviour, with more time being spent on videos that run longer than the average 15-second or 30-second video ad format.

“This insight offers an exciting opportunity for brands to reconsider their creative strategy on Instagram. The data shows that audiences are responding positively to longer videos — the key is producing entertaining and valuable content that keeps them watching.”