Instagram Bringing Ads to UK, Canada and Australia

instagram adsInstagram will be introducing advertising on its app in the UK, Canada and Australia later in the year, mirroring the move it made in the US in November 2013. The Facebook-owned photography app has 200m active users a month, 65 per cent of whom are outside the US.

In the announcement, Instagram reaffirmed its focus on its users, promising to “put our community first every step of the way”. The company has enabled US users to provide feedback on adverts, in an effort to integrate ads more smoothly into users photo feeds. The company also confirmed that it plans to introduce advertising to additional countries in the future, presumably using the same measured approach.

“Its a logical next step for Instagram to roll out advertising in these English-speaking countries, enabling global brand advertisers to extend their Instagram efforts outside the US,” says Debra Aho Williamson, principal analyst for social media at eMarketer. “Instagram has purposely been cautious about rolling out ads in the US, so I expect similar cautious and calculated programs in these countries.”

While Instagram does not release figures for the number of users in individual countries, the app targets the same young, urban, smartphone-savvy audience as services like Twitter, which has high penetration in all three countries. In fact, the UK and Canada have the first and second highest percentage of internet users on the platform in the world, respectively.