Instagram brings its Carousel Ads to Stories

Instagram Stories Carousel Ads Gap Logo RemixJust over a year after it first brought ads to Stories, Instagram is now giving advertisers the ability to have up to three pieces of media in each of their Stories ads.

With Carousel Ads, Stories ads are no longer limited to just one photo or video, meaning brands can add more depth to their ads by providing users with a little bit more of a story behind what’s being advertised. The ad format works the same as other Stories content, so it can tapped, swiped, and paused as normal.

For the time being, the ad format has only been made available to a limited set of global advertisers including Coca-Cola, Paramount Pictures, and Gap.

Gap utilised Carousel Ads as part of a campaign featuring Grammy-nominated US singer-songwriter SZA.

“The captivating nature of Instagram Stories provides another platform for our consumers to experience the ‘Logo Remix’ campaign,” said Craig Brommers, CMO at Gap. “The campaign is all about paying homage to Gap logos of the past, while featuring some of today’s global culture remixers. We love using Instagram’s creative tools to add fun details to our creative, and the full screen format of Instagram Stories makes it feel like you’re part of the remix.”