Instagram could be lining up a long-form video feature

InstagramInstagram is reportedly preparing to launch a feature that will enable users to upload videos up to an hour long in duration – a move which could provide a serious threat to YouTube.

Previously, users were only able to share videos longer than a minute if they were livestreaming. However, according to The Wall Street Journal, citing sources familiar with the matter, this could change sooner rather than later.

Furthermore, it’s alleged that Facebook-owned Instagram has been in talks with content creators and publishers over the past few weeks over the idea of introducing a long-form video feature to its platform.

For the time being, Instagram is said to be focusing on publishing vertical videos, but this could change ahead of the launch of the feature – which we can expect to live inside the main app, as opposed to the company debuting a separate platform. That being said, Instagram has yet to confirm its plans.

“Instagram toying with the idea of introducing one-hour long video is a remarkable step for the platform which prided itself on short-form content – originally 15 seconds and then 60 seconds. The idea of one-hour videos would be a clear step-change for the social media platform and is reflective of the consumer demand for watching different types of content of different lengths,” said Josh Krichefski, CEO of MediaCom UK. “As other social media companies continue to innovate and change, Instagram won’t want to be left behind. Snapchat recently redesigned its UI to benefit both advertisers and consumers. Similarly, Facebook has upped its focus on streaming live sports, hiring Eurosport’s CEO earlier this year.

“While increasing video length won’t necessarily shake up the advertising industry, it certainly brings in opportunities for brands and advertisers to sate the consumer demand for varying forms of content. After all, it’s another creative avenue to explore. But the content must be just as compelling and engaging, otherwise the chances are the consumer will be scrolling down before you know it.”