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Instagram attempts to make it clearer when posts have been paid for

Tyrone Stewart

Instagram InfluencerInstagram will now make it more clear to users which posts have been created for commercial purposes with a new tag, as well as making it easier for its partners to track how their branded content posts are performing.

In the coming weeks, creators and businesses on Instagram will be able to add a ‘paid partnership with’ tag to branded content posts on the photo sharing application. The tag will appear in both organic content posts and Instagram Stories.

Through the use of this tag, Instagram’s partners will have access to an insights tool to track how their branded content posts and stories are performing.

The tools will initially be made available to a small group of launch partners from 26 June. UK launch partners include Manchester United and Adidas.

“The insight tool shows the community creator and business how followers have engaged with the post,” said Charles Porch, creative programmes director at Instagram. “This is a first step. We've partnered with a small number of creators and businesses and we'll learn from the community and how people engage with the new tool. We plan to make the tools more widely available in the coming months”