Instagram launches new Explore features to search for Stories

Tyrone Stewart

Instagram ExploreInstagram has introduced two updates to the Explore section, which enable users to search Stories on the popular photo-sharing app.

Location stories show users a story ring at the top of the Explore section, which presents the stories of people that have used location stickers nearby. In addition, users are able to search for any location around the world to view a story ring from that area.

The second update is the introduction of hashtag stories. Through this feature, users are able to search for a hashtag and see a story ring filled with stories that have used that hashtag.

Users can become part of a larger story by adding a location sticker or hashtag sticker, and are able to see how many people saw their story through a viewer list. However, users still have the option to use location or hashtag stickers without appearing in a larger story.

“Now you can see what’s happening around you and find stories related to your interests,” said Instagram in a blog post. “From discovering new parts of your own city to jogging alongside the #fromwhereirun community all around the world, location and hashtag stories help you share these experiences as they unfold.”

Location stories are available on Android and iOS as part of Instagram version 10.22, while hashtag stories will roll out over the ‘coming weeks’.