Instagram Improves Anti-harassment Tools, Adds Likes for Comments

Instagram New Features

Instagram has made various tweaks to its service in a bid to improve user safety and experience – including adjustments to comment controls, the removal of followers and anonymous reporting.

In September, Instagram’s CEO and co-founder Kevin Systrom made it clear that it was his and fellow co-founder Mike Krieger’s aim to make Instagram a ‘positive place to express yourself.’ Back then, they introduced a keyword moderation tool, which let users list words that they considered offensive or inappropriate so that Instagram could hide any posts containing these words. The latest changes aim to continue this work.

Instagram has added two new comment control features to build on the back of the keyword moderation tool. It will now give all users the ability to turn off comments on any post, should they feel their image and captions deserve to stand alone.

On the other hand, Instagram users will be able to like comments by tapping the heart icon next to each.

The third adjustment is the ability for users to remove followers from private accounts. Instagram says the person will not be notified. Previously, people with private accounts could only ‘remove’ followers by blocking them.

Finally, Instagram will now feature a way for users to anonymously report posts that show signs that a person could be thinking about, or already have been, injuring themselves. Instagram says it will connect the person in need of support to organisations that offer help – with ‘teams working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, around the world to review these reports.’