Instagram Launches Ads for UK Users

RimmelLondonCabAfter a successful launch in the US, photo sharing site Instagram is bringing ads to the feeds of its UK users.

The native ads will be clearly marked as sponsored posts, but are designed to mimic the photos and videos already seen in feeds. Users will be able to hide ads they dont feel are appropriate, and provide feedback on the process.

The rollout will take place slowly, with a focus on gradually introducing adverts while ensuring they meet a high standard of quality. Among the brands who will be included in the initial wave are Channel 4, Starbucks, Cadbury, Rimmel London and Waitrose.

“People come to Instagram to express their creativity and to be inspired, and businesses have always been a meaningful part of that experience,” said James Quarles, global head of business and brand development for Instagram. “Our teams have partnered closely with a handful of brands who are already great members of our community in the UK to create beautiful sponsored images.

“We want ads on Instagram to be as engaging and high-quality as the experience of flipping through a favourite magazine. Images are fast becoming a primary way that people communicate – both the everyday and the spectacular. Our aim is to help brands create ads that feel as natural to Instagram as the photos and videos people already share and enjoy.”

“Rimmel London and Instagram share a similar ambition to inspire and enable people to express themselves through creativity,” said Sarah Davies, UK marketing manager for Rimmel London. “Therefore, we have always looked to innovate and test on Instagram. This campaign is a natural evolution of our commitment to our communities and customers in social media, for which we are truly passionate about.”