Instagram launches branded content ads

Today, Instagram launched branded content ads, which allows advertisers to promote creators’ organic branded or sponsored content posts as feed ads. Advertisers can take advantage of the new feature by using the tools on the Facebook ads platform, where they can control, edit, and track their marketing campaigns.

“As weve worked to build the right tools for both business and creators involved in branded content deals, one of the biggest requests from brands to date is the ability to incorporate branded content posts into their advertising strategies,” wrote Instagram in a blog post.

When branded content ads show up on Instagram’s feed or in stories, there will be “Paid partnership with”, followed by the brand name. Creators will be able to select an option that says, “Allow my business partner to boost”, which will allow the brands to promote the content on their own feed and increase engagement. Branded content will also be labeled as “Sponsored” as part of the post and below the content.

“We’ve long seen that customers want to discover fashion through trusted sources who have credibility, but organic reach on that content has become increasingly limited. So, we’re consistently looking for more sophisticated ways like Branded Content ads to serve partner content to the right shoppers, instead of just throwing it into the social ether,” said Liat Weingarten, VP of brand communications, Old Navy.

“Promoting content directly from an influencer’s handle inherently gives the post more authenticity than coming from a brand handle, and we’re seeing significantly higher engagement rates using this strategy,” said Weingarten.