Instagram now lets you 'remix' your friends' photos, and is trialling a host of features

Tyrone Stewart

Instagram remixInstagram has rolled out a feature that enables users to edit their friends’ photos and send the edited version back.

Via ‘remix’, users can move and resize their friends’ photo messages, as well as being able to add their own stickers, text, and drawings. The feature can be accessed via the camera icon at the bottom of the screen, and users can continually send edited photos back and forth.

In addition, the Facebook-owned app has introduced the ability to control replays. Now, users are able to select if they only want their friends to see their post once, or if the wish to ‘allow replay’ for their friends to able to view it as many times as they like.

Both updates are available as part of the latest version of Instagram on both the Android and iOS iterations of the app.

Instagram has also been testing a variety of features, as discovered by The Next Web. These features include a ‘Regram’ button, enabling users to re-share content; a GIF search for Stories, giving users the chance to add GIFs to their posts; a story archiving feature; the ability to make a group of your closest and share content with just them; share to WhatsApp; and a beta app for iOS.