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Instagram Reveals In-app Translation Feature

Tim Maytom

instagram translationInstagram may have hit the 500m user milestone, but the picture-sharing app isn't slowing down, announcing that it will soon translate foreign languages automatically in-app in order to foster a more global community of users.

A date for the new feature hasn't been announced, but once rolled out, it will translate user biographies, comments and captions that are posted in foreign languages, automatically rendering them in the user's native language.

"The Instagram community has grown faster and become more global than we ever imagined," wrote an Instagram spokesperson in a post announcing the new feature. "We're excited that you'll soon be able to understand the full story of a moment, no matter what language you speak."

The feature will take effect automatically, but a 'See Translation' button will also appear enabling multi-lingual users to choose exactly which language they wish to see comments appear in.

While only a few details have been announced, it appears as though languages will slowly be added based on user need and demand, although given Instagram's global presence, there is sure to be an audience for most languages from day one.

International audiences were one of the demographics cited by Instagram when it was promoting its marketing power recently. 80 per cent of the app's users live outside the United States, with 20 per cent of global internet users between 16 and 64 predicted to have an account.

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