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Instagram Super-sizes Ads to 60 Seconds Ahead of Super Bowl

Tim Maytom

Screenshot_2016-02-04-11-51-31Instagram has rolled out its first 60 second video ads with campaigns from T-Mobile and Warner Brothers, doubling the previous maximum length of adverts which could be hosted on the photo-sharing social network.

Previously, the maximum length for video ads was 30 seconds, which was increased from the format's initial limit of 15 seconds back in September. Instagram users are still limited to 15 seconds for non-paid posts on the social network.

The move comes just ahead of the Super Bowl, when many brands are paying out as much as $5m (£3.4m) for 30 second spots during the big game, while others are opting to avoid the high costs associated with the game and instead focusing on ads delivered via mobile and social media.

T-Mobile has opted to split the difference on this approach, with its 60-second Instagram ad serving as an extension of its own Super Bowl campaign, featuring hip-hop star Drake, which promotes its unlimited music streaming service. Warner Brothers are also running a 60 video ad through Instagram, promoting its new film How To Be Single.

The introduction of 60 second video ads sees Instagram further positioning itself as an alternative to television advertising, with ads now available in every market where Facebook ads are, and formats like Marquee ads enabling brands to own a moment with a huge ad blitz.

With 400m monthly active users now available for marketers to reach through Instagram, Facebook has clearly decided the moment is right to take advantage of increases in mobile ad spend and push for further monetisation of the social network.