Instagram Unveils Event Channels

instagram eventsInstagram has launched a new channel within its Explore tab called Events that will feature videos and photos from concerts, sporting events and other significant occasions around the world, personalised for each user.

The Explore tab has been evolved significantly from its beginnings as a simple algorithm that recommended photos users might like. Instagram has invested heavily in making the tab a central part of its app, and the Events channel is the latest move in that strategy.

Earlier this year, Instagram introduced the Picked For You feature which places 20 custom channels inside the Explore tab, based on topics that users may be interested in. The Events channel aims to supplement this with a source for video and photos of currently-occurring events, rather than more interest-driven content.

As with the other Explore channels, all the content will be user generated, with any event able to be featured as long as it is sufficiently popular and enough content is created to fill the channel.

In many ways, the feature echoes Snapchats Discover channel, which also includes user-generated videos from major events around the world. However, Snapchats channels tend to be curated manually, whereas Instagram is using algorithms to determine and personalise the content that will appear.

Like Picked For You, Events will be limited to Instagram users in the US for the time being, but the company has plans to roll the feature out internationally in the future.

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