Instagram Video Overtook YouTube on 4 July

Mobile views of Instagram videos exceeded YouTube in the US on 4 July, according to a report from Flash Networks.

The US Independence Day saw Instagram account for 28 per cent of total video hits on mobile, narrowly beating YouTubes share, which dipped slightly. Overall, however, YouTube continues to dominate, regaining its top spot the very next day.

This perhaps reflects the different uses for each service – with people away from their desks, demand for hilarious cat videos dropped, but the number of people wanting to capture and share short videos of their celebrations shot up.

However, Vine, Twitters rival service, didnt hugely benefit from the same effect. The service remains a distant third, with hits on the day staying about level.

The findings are based on the mobile internet traffic data of over 30m smartphone users, taken from Flashs Harmony Analytics service.