Instreamatic launches generative AI-powered Contextual Audio Ads

David Murphy

AI marketing firm, Instreamatic, has launched Contextual Audio Ads. It said the solution leverages generative AI to significantly improve traditional audio ads, and increase advertiser engagement and ROI. Contextual Audio Ads enable advertisers to dynamically generate fully-customized creative content that is relevant to the listener’s specific context and environment.

Instreamatic notes how, for a traditional 30-second audio ad spot, a hired voice actor might record a few ad copy variations, adding that Contextual Audio Ads can use generative AI to synthesize the same actor’s voice and automatically generate hundreds or thousands of ad variations across a single campaign. These contextual ad creatives, which can easily be stitched into an ad’s existing audio soundtrack, can include spoken details that seamlessly include the listener’s location; time of day; the name or type of app or platform they’re using; the activity they’re engaging in (such as a podcast or mobile game; and specifics such as the current local weather.  

The platform identifies the set of parameters unique to each individual listener, and seamlessly produces and serves ads aligned to those variables. For example, a Contextual Audio Ad generated for a particular listener could begin: “Hope you’re enjoying your podcast on this rainy morning in Chicago. I just wanted to quickly let you know about an incredible sale today.”  

The solution works with all DSPs and ad servers supporting VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) tags, offering instant scalability. Publishers can also leverage the Instreamatic ad network to reach more than 6bn audio impressions globally at no platform cost: technical costs are included in media spend when publishing within network.

“Instreamatic’s Contextual Audios Ads are better at capturing listeners’ attention because they speak precisely to that listener’s context and needs in the moment,” said Instreamatic CEO, Stas Tushinskiy. “Starting from a single original audio ad, our advanced generative Voice AI capabilities can create unlimited new creatives to address each listener as an individual. The result is an uplift in listener engagement, greater ROI, and more meaningful customer connections for brands.”