Insurance company LAQO offers Europes first GPT-enabled customer support bot

Croatian insurance firm LAQO has teamed up with cloud communications specialist Infobip to create what they claim is the first GPT-enabled digital assistant for the European fintech industry.

The LAQO service bot will provide always-on conversational customer support that can immediately answer frequently asked questions. In the first phase, it will answer questions about LAQO products, processes, and admin. Later, the partners will extend its AI-enabled processes to WhatsApp.

Bots are, of course, nothing new in the field of customer support. Brands regularly use them to provide a conversational machine-based alternative to calling a human agent. However, conventional bots can be limited. They generally provide a limited range of menu-based answers. By adding a large language model into the mix, providers believe they can make bots give more useful and conversational answers.

Ana Zovko, Head of LAQO, said: “Implementing artificial intelligence was a very logical step for us at LAQO. We have found a way to improve our clients customer experience even further and provide them with faster and more personalised support. In the following stages of development, our clients will be able to talk with the digital assistant about the details of customer processes, not just about the offers – just like you would do with any actual person.”