Integral Ad Science verification arrives for Snapchat

Snapchat Integral Ad ScienceSnapchat has begun offering advertisers viewability and ad fraud measurement solutions for their in-app video buys, thanks to an Integral Ad Science (IAS) integration.

The IAS integration, which has been launched on the back of a six-month beta, provides advertisers with campaign metrics including percentage of fraudulent views, percentage of in-view ads, and percentage of completed views.

The beta run of the IAS integration saw more than 50 brands participate. According to the IAS, these brands were enthused by the transparency and understanding around media quality that the integration provided.

 “For advertisers, the reassurance that their video advertising campaigns can now be verified across Snapchat is a key development, offering greater transparency into campaign performance,” said Nick Morley, EMEA managing director at Integral Ad Science. “The beta proved to be so successful that it was immediately clear how much brands and agencies value the ability to advertise where their audiences are, while effectively protecting their digital advertising investments.”