Integral Ads Sciences Makes the Argument for Open Sourcing

Viewability remains a common challenge throughout the digital marketing industry, especially on mobile, but Integral Ad Sciences (IAS) believes that by sharing open source software, it can speed the journey to reaching mobile in-app viewability at scale.

In a new whitepaper on the topic, IAS explores that challenges that exist for measuring viewability, especially in-app, where ad containers often use different programming languages to the apps they exist within.

To bridge that gap, IAS has developed an open source SDK that can be integrated by both app publishers and supply-side providers, enabling them to independently assess and communicate viewability.

This open source approach means that the SDK can be more freely integrated into a wider range of software, and also ensures that developers can independently verify its capabilities and the measures it uses to assess viewability.

The Media Rating Council has also called for an open source, collaborative approach to development when it comes to in-app viewability and the industry challenges that exist around the adoption of multiple vendor SDKs.

“Moving to an open-source approach solves problems related to fragmentation, the lack of standards and transparency, and operational inefficiencies, while ensuring that all members of the industry have a voice in the process,” said the IAS report.

You can download the research for free here, and improve your understanding of why open source can raise up industry standards for everyone.