Intel Selects INSIDE for NFC

INSIDE Secure, which specialises in semiconductor solutions for secure transactions and digital identity, has been selected to provide its NFC products and technologies to Intel. INSIDE Secure says the agreement marks a significant milestone for itself, and for the future of the NFC industry.

The deal gives Intel access to INSIDE’s software, firmware and core hardware technology for development of future Intel products. In addition, INSIDE will provide Intel’s Mobile Wireless Group with access to scalable NFC solutions based on INSIDE’s MicroRead, SecuRead and Open NFC products.

“NFC is gaining traction in many markets as one of the most convenient ways to use consumer electronic devices for payments and retail commerce transactions, for access to facilities and information and a host of other applications,” says Aicha Evans, vice-president and general manager of Intels Mobile Wireless Group. “We look forward to working with INSIDE to develop and bring to market a range of exciting connectivity solutions for mainstream consumer products that incorporate NFC features.”