Interflora social campaign aims to normalise gifting flowers to men

Interflora has launched a Valentine’s Day social campaign to normalise gifting flowers to men. The campaign comes off the back of an Interflora study that found that 88 per cent of men have never received flowers, but that 48 per cent of men would love to receive flowers as a gift. In addition, searches on Interflora for ‘flowers for men’ have increased by 95 per cent over the past year.

As part of the campaign, Interflora is giving some of its popular blooms a man-makeover, where they will be renamed to have more of a masculine feel and make them more inclusive. 

Interflora’s Instagram account will also be taken over by the campaign in the run-up to Valentine’s Day, in the hope of challenging people’s views about gifting flowers to men and feeding into Interflora’s wider efforts of opening up conversations about mental health.

According to a behavioural study conducted by Rutgers University, men who received flowers showed a positive uplift in mood and an increase in social behaviour.