Internet-connected Poynt Terminal Supports Barcodes, NFC and Bluetooth

poynt terminalMasterminded by Osama Bedier, former head of Google Wallet, the Poynt smart terminal supports multiple payment methods and encrypted terminals, and is designed for more functions to be added over time as payment infrastructures change.

Featuring a 7″ merchant-facing screen, a 4.3″ customer-facing screen and built-in barcode scanner and printer, the compact device connects to the internet via wi-fi or 3G, and is fully portable. It can accept payments via physical cards, Apple Pay and other NFC or Bluetooth mobile apps.

The device runs on a heavily modified version of Android called PoyntOS which can integrate with existing cash registers, ticket printers and other peripherals. It also supports apps from third-party developers to expand its functionality, adding point-of-sale operations, inventory management and even store analytics, and has signed up partners including Bigcommerce, Intuit and Vend to deploy these apps.

“Commerce infrastructure is broken!” said Bedier in a blog post introducing the device. “We consumers carry around supercomputers in our pockets and purses that do magical things we could not imagine even a few short years ago. However, in-store technology still centers around a glorified calculator. While dongles on consumer devices have tried to fill this gap, these solutions lack the security and reliability to achieve mass adoption.

“The Poynt Smart Terminal brings the versatility of a mobile device to a future-proof payment terminal at a price that any merchant can afford. We turned the traditional payment terminal into a fully touchscreen, multipurpose device.”