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Internet Radio Goes Mobile

David Murphy

Internet radio service Play Radio has announced four brand extensions available to listen to on mobile handsets, including Play Radio UK, Play Rock UK, Play Classical UK and Play Top 40 UK.
To listen to the stations, users log in to through their mobile Internet browser, and select the station they want to listen to.
Play Radio UK is dedicated to playing a diverse range of music from the 70s, 80s, and the best of today. Play Rock UK plays everything Rock and Metal. Play Classical UK offers classical music, from famous, traditional compositions, to more contemporary pieces. Play Top 40 UK brings non-stop hits from all the current charts, including UK singles and album charts.
This technological expansion of Play Radio UK is crucial for the future says Station Manager Marcus Quilter. Our audience likes what we do so much, they now want to have us with them wherever they go, and not just on the PC at home and at work.
Play Radio UK claims to be one of the fastest-growing Internet radio networks in the UK, and says that streaming to hand-held devices like mobiles is a natural progression. The company says it is will make all its online stations available on mobile in due course.