Interop Launches SCOPE Device Management Tool

Interop Technologies, which provides core wireless solutions for messaging, device management, and gateway connectivity, today announced availability of SCOPE Device Management the companys subscriber-focused solution for managing customer devices on wireless networks.
SCOPE (Subscriber Capability Originated Provisioning Environment) is designed to make device updates simple and fast by automatically identifying a device problem and enabling a One-Click Fix. According to Interop, SCOPE enables operator customer service representatives – or customers using an optional self-care portal – to resolve device issues easily. The solution helps improve customer satisfaction and operators first-call resolution statistics, as well as reducing escalations from Level I service personnel to Level II technicians.
SCOPE is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing SS7-based solutions for CDMA or GSM. It includes a Global Device Repository which contains network configuration information and vast data on subscriber device capabilities and settings, gathered as sessions take place. No human involvement is required.
The VersatileView User Interface is a permissions-based diagnostic tool that can be set to suit the skill levels of various user groups (CSRs, Level II technicians, engineers, etc.) Disparities between operator default values and device settings are flagged, enabling rapid problem isolation and resolution. With one click, a specific setting or an entire device configuration can be automatically repaired, eliminating the chance of human error. Users simply choose the task, and SCOPE determines how to execute most efficiently, using SS7 device programming or Open Mobile Alliance DM standards, or a combination of the two.
Using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), SCOPE supports a web portal that enables customers to manage their own devices. Interop can build the portal, or operators can supply their own.
Interop notes that while the percentage of DM-capable devices is currently low in networks, operators can reduce financial risk by deploying SCOPE Device Management as a hosted Interop solution. As the level of DM-capable handsets in an operators installed base increases, Interop provides a simple migration to a turnkey solution, without changing technology or management tools.