Interop Offers Rich Communications Suite

Interop Technologies has debuted its Rich Communications Suite (RCS) solution, which allows operators to offer subscribers instant messaging and file sending without the need to deploy a full IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture.

The Interop solution complies with an enhanced version of RCS known as RCS-e. The server-based solution integrates with any RCS-e client, giving operators the freedom to choose one or more clients for their devices. The solution aims to let operators mitigate subscribers use of popular “over-the-top” services without changing their current network.

The solution lets consumers use an address book to initiate advanced communication functions, including instant messaging and group messaging, and users can share photos and videos during these communication sessions. 

“Interops RCS solution provides full RCS-e compliance – not RCS-like features – while completely supporting legacy messaging technologies that subscribers currently use,” says Steve Zitnik, executive VP and CTO at Interop Technologies. “This approach enables operators to compete with over-the-top players today and seamlessly implement an IMS core if and when they choose to do so.”

Interop is currently exhibiting at the CTIA Wireless Enterprise & Applications tradeshow in San Diego. The show runs until October 13 at the San Diego Convention Center.